The 7 Secrets to Success with Investors

Want to get your business funded but not sure how to go about it?

There is a unique opportunity to be trained by people with deep experience and connections that will get you much much closer to being ‘funded’!

Yes, funding is not a simple destination, for most founders and business owners it’s a journey. The purpose of the education series developed by Catapult and hosted with the generous assistance of LaunchVIC is to get you clear on your journey so you can be in that place of ‘funded!’ in just a few short months.

There are 50 spaces available on this coming round of training and mentoring. The fee is rock-bottom at $50 for the WHOLE program thanks to the generous support of LaunchVIC.

The program includes:

  • Full bootcamp day
  • 6 training modules
  • Two rounds of personal mentoring
  • Pre and post-assessment
  • Development of the funding plan for your business

In order for your business to be selected you need to answer a few, quick questions. We’re looking for elements and structures around your business which may not be that obvious to you, ability to be funded is not just based on your current level of financial success. So don’t fear, your chances are probably better than you think.

Suitable for:

  • Not started yet, but have a product or service
  • Not started yet, still have a job
  • In development
  • Launched and in the market, but not going that well
  • Launched and going well but need even more fuel
  • Need to expand interstate
  • Need to expand internationally

Find out more and apply for this opportunity via this link.

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