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At CoWork Me, we’re about connecting people – professionally and personally – for the greater good.

We bring unique combinations of coworkers together to work alongside one another so that networks can grow, knowledge and skills can be shared, and collaborations that transform motivation into innovation can happen. We also walk the walk of the coworking philosophy by setting up partnerships and alliances with the wider business community in our area – so CoWorkers benefit, and local businesses get a boost too.

We subscribe to the Coworking Manifesto in everything we do, from designing the layout of our space to making sure we have the right mix of people and businesses that can benefit from each other and contribute to making each and every business in the CoWork Me community a success. It’s our mission to foster collaborations that make even the best businesses better.

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Meet the Team

Jess Fernandez
Communications Manager
Mick Millar
Operations Manager
Niina Peiponen
Community & Growth Coordinator
Rob Materia
General Manager
Selma Zukanovic
Sales Manager
Our take on coworking

Why we turned our building into a coworking hub.

Simply put, compared with the traditional path of buying or renting an office space or working from home, coworking is just … better. And here’s why…
Use your head

It’s the smart way to work.

Sure, working from home in your PJs is fun from time to time, and sometimes you need that, but unless you’re militantly self-disciplined you’ll likely get distracted by putting on the washing or some other life admin task. In a collaborative workspace, you have everything you need to work autonomously or in a team, with the structure and encouragement to focus.

And every individual and business offers knowledge and support that everyone can benefit from, giving you the experience and learning you need to sustain or grow your business and make the most of it. A chat over a game of ping pong could lead to a business breakthrough.

Save some $

It makes financial sense.

The costs of setting up an office and its subsequent outgoings far outweigh those of a membership for a plug-and-play, ready-when-you-are coworking space. And time saved on not having to worry about additional office admin lets you focus on building your business.
Be inspired

It keeps you motivated and in-the-loop.

The entrepreneurial spirit is alive and dancing in coworking spaces, and motivation is contagious. When you’re surrounded by like-minded people who want to get things done, who are creative and savvy, who know people who know people, who know things you don’t know, who want to know what you know … the opportunities to share, learn and be excited about coming to work each day are near limitless.
Stay connected

It keeps you happy and productive.

Having the flexibility to work the way you want – and need – gives you the best opportunity to thrive in the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Having everything around you for recreational breathing space, and knowing you have support to get your projects to the next level is likely to mean you’re less stressed, more creative, and you’re happier when you work. Happier workers are generally more productive than others, so it makes good business sense for people to work the way they know works for them.

“coworking is not a workspace industry; it’s a happiness industry”.

– Alex Hillman –
The coworking space Indy Hall


The future of work.

We subscribe and uphold the Coworking Manifesto by:

  • offering incentives to members who use the services of other members, supporting collaboration and fostering business growth.
  • linking up with local businesses and passing on benefits to CoWork Me members.
  • providing optional, individualised business support.
  • maintaining an internal business directory that all CoWork Me members can access and be listed on.
  • running regular networking and social events, as well as workshops and guest lectures to keep our community inspired and in-the-know – and in good spirits.