Benefits of Serviced Office Alongside a Thriving Community:

by | Apr 14, 2022 | Serviced Offices

A serviced office is a fully furnished workspace that is equipped with ready to use equipment and facilities like printers, high speed wifi and even additional amenities like kitchen facilities and parking on site. A serviced office is also known as a flexible workspace and is a great, flexible option for businesses looking for an office on long or short term contract basis. Serviced offices ideal for businesses who are not only flexible, but looking to avoid large and often unnecessary fees, and value the creative and collaborative efforts of their workforce over their physical location.

Gone are the days when coworking spaces were considered a stop-gap arrangement for doing business or freelance work. Over the last few years, serviced office in shared workspaces have turned into a preferred choice of freelancers, consultants, solopreneurs, start-ups, MNCs, big brands, and even Fortune-500 businesses.

A key reason for this shift in preference is that shared offices have succeeded in creating sustainable business ecosystems. Apart from providing basic requirements like high-quality space equipped with all modern amenities, coworking offices also offer new opportunities for business growth. Having a serviced office in a co-working space has proved to be extremely beneficial on a personal and professional scale – especially because of a strong sense of community and the kind of people and atmosphere the space curates.

Here are some key benefits of why having a serviced office is beneficial when you’re part of a thriving community:

Learn new skills:


A major advantage of having a serviced office in a co-working space is that you get to learn new skills and gain new knowledge about other industries. This is possible with frequent fun and informative workshops and co-working events that take place in the space.

CoWork Me’s list of events include digital marketing workshops, B.A.S Club, networking events, leadership workshop, meditation sessions and after work drinks with fellow members.

Through these events, members feel like they have gained something more than simply working in a shared space. Alice, an independent branding designer has been attending meditation sessions religiously. “After joining the meditation sessions at CoWork Me, I feel so much more at ease, more relaxed and calm. I’ve learnt how to mindfully practice meditation and have turned this into a habit now – The process of building muscles in the mind has led me to the process of brightening and enriching my life and treating myself. I love that members can visit the onsite meditation instructor Rob at any time – and he fits them right in!”

Impress new clients, investors and employees:


Everything you do in business is an extension of your professional and personal brand.
So, when you have a serviced office in a professional, productive and friendly coworking environment, you’re bound to leave a lasting impression on your clients when they come in to visit you. It also helps that co-working spaces like CoWork Me St Kilda have large meeting room facilities, an on-site cafe and fully equipped kitchens, which makes business meetings efficient and breaks fun! Having a serviced office in a great co-working space also helps retain and attract talent, if your staff love where they work, they choice to stay becomes easy.

Variety of services at your disposal:


A huge benefit of renting out a private office in a co-working space is that you have access to a bunch of services at any time you need them. This is a great way to support local or small businesses and network with fellow members and know more about what they do.

You also have the opportunity to outsource job tasks to members who specialize in that area over people you barely know, which makes your life easier and the work done quicker!

CoWork Me for instance, has over a 100 businesses registered with us, ranging from beauty & design to real estate and counseling businesses. Cheysa Beauty for instance, has a serviced office with us and often provides massage treatments and facials to our members at a discounted price. Our popular accountant David Ebdon also looks after several businesses at CoWork Me and provides excellent advice to our community.

Sian King who works for Matchworks says, “It was a great decision signing up with CoWork Me and renting out a serviced office with them. As my job involves finding people with disability work, I have the opportunity to connect potential employees with local businesses at CoWork Me and watch them thrive!”

Building relationships:


Irrespective of your career option or industry, socializing with coworkers is a vital aspect of success. It is true that coworking spaces enable you to connect and network with like minded people, which often leads to forming positive and genuine friendships that last a lifetime. Positive coworker relationships help you gain confidence for raising opinions and boost your communication skills. Moreover, it can also increase productivity by letting you focus on good opportunities rather than negative relationships.

Build your confidence:


At Coworking spaces, you really have the opportunity to shine and truly be the best version of yourself. Actively taking part in coworking events, after work drinks or even hosting your own workshop can help boost your confidence and even help acquire clients for your business.

Dinesh, from Medium Marketing is a member here at CoWork Me and hosts monthly workshops on digital marketing to help members grow their business and grow their online presence.

We help simplify the complex and fragmented world of marketing through education and strategic advice in our dedicated monthly CoWork Me workshops. While this provides a collaborative session, we also work closely on a one on one basis to help members action key points for their business.

Rhea Rebello

Rhea Rebello