How your small business can adapt in the face of Covid-19?
This free online webinar was held on Monday 23rd March at 12:30pm.

How your small business can adapt in the face of Covid-19?

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The majority of businesses out there are starting to feel the effects of Covid-19. Business owners and managers are being asked questions that they simply don’t know the answers to. Stress levels are rising.

So what can you do about it?

Join our panel of business leaders to hear about, discuss and workshop how we can all adapt.

CoWork Me member Mark Williams

Mark Williams

General Manager, Advanced Thinking

Mark Williams, CoWork Me member has been running small businesses and teams for over 20 years. Most of that time focussed on the tech sector. His career has revolved around change and adoption, having survived numerous perceived and real crises’.

He will help us understand:

  • Simple technologies we can adopt in order to carry on and evolve
  • Physical and mental health – Looking after ourselves and our teams
  • Looking for opportunities in the new age

Shane Ryan

Founder and Tax Agent at SAR Practitioners

Shane Ryan, CoWork Me member is a Tax and Business Services Accountant specialising in start-up’s and businesses in the early growth phase. His focus is helping build the fundamental pillars for the success of new businesses.

He will help us understand:

  • Accessing Government incentives
  • Managing Cashflow
  • Negotiating Credit and Payment Terms

Scott McLaughlin

Scott McLaughlin

Head of Strategy & Partnerships at The Art of More

Scott McLaughlin is our Expert in Residence here at CoWork Me and has spent 19 years working in behavioral science and human decision making. As our Expert in Residence, Scott is here to help make connections, solve problems, provide advice and inspiration.

He will help us understand:

  • Adapting to a changing environment
  • Resourcing focus in a changed operating model
  • Outmaneuvering your competition

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