CoWork Me COVID-19 update

This plan outlines the steps required for CoWork Me to maintain the health and safety of the members and CoWork Me staff.

CoWork Me COVID-19 Workplace Safety Plan

CoWork Me SARS-CoV-2 COVID-19 Update

Updated 20/07/2020

In light of Premier Daniel Andrews recent announcement, we will be adding additional steps to our COVID-19 Workplace Safety Plan to ensure the safety of the CoWork Me community. 

As of today, 1st July we request that residents from the below suburbs adhere to the guidelines as set out on the DHHS website. We will also be taking steps to prevent guests and visitors who reside in those areas from access to the building. This includes the following: 

Face masks

From Thursday 23rd July 2020, face masks are to be worn at all times in the CoWork Me building. This includes but not limited to, reception, cafe, all common areas and the kitchen. If you don’t have a face mask, we will have some available for purchase or you will be refused entry.

Checking in to reception

  1. All visitors will need to provide ID upon arrival, if people are from the above postcodes they will not be permitted into the building
  2. All visitors will be temperature checked 
  3. All visitors are to wait in the reception area until a CoWork Me member escorts them into the building

Social Distancing

  1. Please be observant of signs in the building and only sit where a “Safe to Sit” sticker has been placed.
  2. In the meeting rooms listed please limit the number of people to the following: 
    1. Elon Meeting Room: 8 people only 
    2. Tania Meeting Room: 4 people only
    3. Daniel Meeting room: 4 people only
    4. Mel Perkins Meeting Room: 5 People only
    5. Gary + Sheryl (Event Space): 15 people only
  3. At all times, there should only be 2 people in both Kitchens using the bench, please keep 1.5m distance.

Maintaining a hygienic environment

Please be considerate to other members and staff and ensure that you dispose of all food/rubbish/chewing gum, tea bags etc in the correct way by putting them in the rubbish bins.

As always, please look after one another during this time and do the right thing. We are not at the end of this pandemic yet, let’s all support each other so that we can get on the other side of this time. 

In light of the uncertainty we’re currently facing with the outbreak of SARS-CoV-2, COVID-19 (Coronavirus), I wanted to let you know the steps we’re taking to ensure we help minimise the risks. Our absolute number one priority is the safety of our members, staff and visitors.

There’s a lot we still don’t know about Coronavirus, but various health authorities have been clear that maintaining good hygiene is absolutely critical.

The following has been implemented at CoWork Me:

  1. Additional hand sanitisers and hand wash have been added throughout the building
  2. Bathroom towels have been removed for hand drying. Please use the hand dryers as they are the safer option
  3. We’ve increased the frequency of cleaning and sanitising high traffic areas
  4. Placed educational signage throughout the building: this includes the warning signs to be aware of and the process for maintaining good hygiene
  5. For the foreseeable future, we’re banning any large external events from taking place at CoWork Me
  6. Safe To Sit stickers placed on tables where members can sit; this adheres to 1.5m distancing
  7. Hand Hygiene Stations placed around the building
  8. Limit the amount of people in common area
  9. Via the building sign-in process, we’re asking all visitors to:
    1. Review the hygiene process prior to entering the building
    2. Announce prior to entering the building if they have traveled in the last 14 days and enforcing a strick non-entry policy to those who have

What we ask of our members


Self isolate for 14 days if you have recently traveled overseas by following the guidelines as set out by the Australian Government Department of Health.

Self isolate if you have been in contact with someone diagnosed with COVID-19, as stipulated by the Department of Health and Human Services.

Self isolate if you are feeling unwell.

Follow hygiene guidelines

Follow the hygiene process outlined throughout the building. A copy of the flyer can be downloaded from the Australian Government Department of Health website.

Use the sanitation stations placed around the building.

Wipe down each desk after use as stipulated by CoWork Me Staff.

Enforce social distancing

Enforce social distancing as outlines as outlined by the Australian Government Department of Health.

Maintain 1.5m distance in all area of the building, including desks. Please only sit where a “Safe To Sit” sticker has been placed.

Stay informed

Inform your guests of the precautions we’re taking and stay up to date with the status of COVID-19 via the Australian Government Department of Health website.

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