Victorian Chamber of Commerce Partner with CoWork Me

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Victorian Chamber of Commerce and CoWork Me: A Legacy Organisation and Start-Up Build Partnership

October 17, 2018

Melbourne, VIC – CoWork Me is thrilled to share that it has secured a “first of its kind” partnership with the Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Through this partnership, CoWork Me members will have an added benefit to their membership: a highly discounted price to join the Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The benefit to the Victorian Chamber of Commerce is that it can promote itself to a vast network of start-ups and new businesses.

“By sharing information and discounts to our members to the Victorian Chamber of Commerce, we are providing our members another avenue to succeed by encouraging them to take advantage of the networking events, workplace relations hotlines, leadership training programs, access to interns, and even legal representation should the need arise,” said Rob Materia, General Manager at CoWork Me.

He continued, “Often start-ups and new small businesses believe that they need to reinvent the wheel. One of our goals at CoWork Me is to connect our members with organisations that are already providing some of the resources and services that are key to the success of early-stage businesses.”

“The Chamber of Commerce is always looking for new ways to engage new and emerging businesses and partnering with coworking spaces is an optimal way to target a large number of these businesses,” said, Raymond Deegan, Relationship Consultant at The Victorian Chamber of Commerce. “We are excited to partner with CoWork Me as a first step into the coworking space which will hopefully pave a path for similar partnerships in the future.”

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Rob Materia

Rob Materia