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CoWork Me is about creating a collaborative work environment and encouraging growth to all those within our community. We’re excited to be following this directive by partnering with one of our newest members, Refresh Valet.

We all know what it’s like to be and feel busy, which means that we need to make the most of our time. For many of us, getting our car washed can seem like a time waster due to the waiting around.

This is where Refresh Valet comes to your rescue.

Refresh Valet is an on-demand, car detailing service that comes directly to your home or work so your time can be spent elsewhere. Each car detail is done by a trained and highly qualified ‘Refresher’ to leave your car spotless.

Having launched in Perth in 2016, Refresh Valet has recently expanded across the Nullarbor to Melbourne. They have done a great job on the West Coast, with an impressive rating on Facebook and appeared on Shark Tank June last year.

The Brain behind Refresh Valet

Harrison Lingard is the founder and Managing Director of the business. Refresh Valet was born out of an idea to start an app and create a service. After doing his research, Harrison found that most people own a car but when it comes to cleaning it, less people are enthusiastic. He identified that this industry could be disrupted due to existing services being inconvenient and quite overpriced.

Having participated in Shark Tank, the business was definitely put in the spotlight and raised the number of users dramatically. He got about 1000 app downloads within an hour of the show airing and with it, a new perspective on his business. After the show, he was confident that the business was heading in the right direction and that investment could come from opportunities other than the “Sharks”.

The Cheapest and Fastest Car Detail Service in Australia

Refresh Valet is not just convenient, they are the cheapest and fastest car detail service in Australia. The service is priced 50% less than similar mobile detailers and is 30% cheaper than a typical car wash. You can have your car cleaned in 30 minutes or get a premium detail in 90 mins, giving you more time for other things.

The company have their own eco-friendly product line with reusable cloths, spray bottles and more. Compared to a regular car wash service, Refresh saves about 200 litres per car and will leave it looking impeccable. If you drive around in Perth, you will most likely see cars with ‘Refresh Valet’ car fresheners hanging from the rear view mirror, the company has gifted out nearly 30,000 to date.

The Challenges of Running a Start-up

As for most startups, Refresh Valet’s biggest challenge was having enough cash flow. It’s a constant balancing act essential to growing the business (especially when competing on price), and still be able to live a reasonable lifestyle. Expanding quickly can be quite tricky at the early stages of any business. As the business grows so do the costs of wages, sales and marketing creating building pressures on cash flow.

Harrison wouldn’t want to change working for himself. He says, “It’s a love hate relationship, but as soon as I start to hate it, I remind myself that I would hate it more if I had to work for someone else”. As an entrepreneur, he enjoys to be able to chase an idea, his idea. “Even if it’s a little foolish it allows me to be creative”.

“It’s a love hate relationship, but as soon as I start to hate it, I remind myself that I would hate it more if I had to work for someone else”.

The Benefit for CoWork Me Members

The partnership between Refresh Valet and CoWork Me offers all members of the space $20 off their first Car Detail! Just use the promo code “coworkme” when booking in their mobile app (available on iOS or Android), see all details here.

Refresh your car whilst smashing out some goals in the office and drive home with that new car feeling.

Learn more about Refresh Valet on their website and check out some previously detailed cars on their Instagram.

If you are interested to learn how Refresh Valet can operate so efficiently, check out Refresh Bookings. Harrison’s now offering their software that has disrupted their industry to other companies as a SAAS platform.

Rhea Rebello

Rhea Rebello