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CoWork Me has partnered with one of our newest member, BananaLab. They offer pre-selected experiences in Australia, all packed into a beautiful branded box. Each box contain a careful selection of experiences and are separated into different price points. You will find boxes suited for her, for him and for couples. The experiences are also great for corporate gifting.

If you are unsure of what to get to your coworker, client or employee, keep reading…


Scratching Your Head Trying to Find the Perfect Staff Incentive or Employee Gift Idea?

Originally published on BananaLab.

Are you looking to motivate your employees to achieve sales, exceed KPI targets or further advance the business’s potential for success? Are you seeking the ideal gift to thank one or more of your staff for recently securing a lucrative contract?

How do you encourage your staff to go above and beyond without offering cash-based incentives?

This is an age-old question that constantly poses a problem for executives in any industry around the world, and the same goes for when you wish to show your gratitude to a hard-working employee.

hard-working employee

As we covered in our previous article on corporate gifts for clients and work associates, finding the ideal staff incentive or employee gift can be like walking on eggshells – flowers or chocolates might be considered too personal, alcohol is inappropriate, and anything with a clear monetary value pins a price tag on what you think their years of hard work are worth to the company.
Take gift cards, for example. Yes, they save the employer from restricting themselves to a specific gift, and allow the staff member to choose from a wide range of products. However (and this is a big “however”), the employee always knows exactly how much the gift card is worth.

This gesture doesn’t stray too far from simply saying, “Thanks for securing that million-dollar contract last month… here’s a $50 voucher to the cinemas.”


So, rather than navigating the minefield of trying to incentivise or reward your staff without offending them with generic gift ideas, might we suggest a BananaLab Experience Gift Box?

At BananaLab, we find the most thrilling adventures and off-the-beaten-track experiences available in Australia, and we compile them into beautifully-presented gift boxes that you can offer your employees as either a heartfelt display of your gratitude for their hard work, or an incentive for them to reach assigned KPI targets.

Upon receiving the gift box, your employees can choose from up to 100 fantastic local experiences ranging from soothing day spa packages and wonderful weekend glamping getaways, to adrenaline-pumping skydiving or abseiling escapades, to unique once-in-a-lifetime adventures like clay target shooting or aerobatic flight tours.

You might have a team of 15 salespeople, all with different hobbies, interests and lifestyles. By offering a BananaLab Experience Gift Box to the employee with the highest quarterly sales, all 15 salespeople are motivated for different reasons.

team of 15 salespeople coworking

The 20-year-old surfer might be giddy with excitement at the prospect of winning the gift box so that he can go swimming with sharks, while the mother-of-three might be more inclined to make the most sales so that she can treat herself to the weekend glamping trip, for example.

Whatever you do, don’t reward your employees with cheap, tacky office/household items boasting the company logo… this gift is sure to be met with icy stares!

But the opportunity to go for an open-cockpit flight over the 12 Apostles, or 4WDing through the Australian outback, or even white-water rafting the Sharks Tooth section of the Lower Mitta River… no one is going to forget the employer that rewarded them with that gift.

Not only are you providing employees with a lifetime memory they will always associate with the hard work they put in for your company, but BananaLab Experience Gift Boxes allow you to exhibit exceptional corporate citizenship as well.

All of the experiences offered in our range of gift boxes promote healthy, active lifestyles, support local businesses, and demonstrate environmentally friendly practices.


If you’re seeking the perfect corporate gift or incentive that ticks all the boxes and ensures your staff enjoy a memorable experience courtesy of your company, opt for a BananaLab Experience Gift Box today.

BananaLab’s gift boxes range from $99 to $599. While our gift boxes offer something for everyone, we have numerous categories of gift boxes available including “thrill”, “chillax” and “chic”, so employers can browse through the experiences offered in each gift box and make a selection that they think would best appeal to their staff.

Rhea Rebello

Rhea Rebello