Who Are The Types Of People In A Coworking Space?

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Coworking is not only collaborative, creative and community focused- it is also a trend that has captured Melbourne’s heart. Today, there is a large array of coworking spaces that have affordable prices for businesses of all shapes and sizes. It’s important to note that the types of people who make up a coworking space are what make serviced offices an awesome place.

This is why flexible office spaces are winning!

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Who are the types of people in a coworking space?

Coworking spaces give people the freedom to be productive outside their home. They are popular amongst remote workers, mostly because they want to network and collaborate with like-minded people.

But, remote workers and freelancers aren’t the only people who can enjoy the many benefits of a coworking space.

So who works in these shared spaces?

The demographic of the coworking world:

Coworking spaces aren’t only utilised by workers fresh out of university. It was reported in Deskmag that the average age of a coworking space member is over 36 years old. So, what may have started out as a millennial practice, is now super popular among people of all ages. This is due to the fact they share a common goal- to be successful and thrive in an environment that encourages it.

People who work out of a serviced office are intelligent individuals. Approximately 85% have finished some kind of higher education. Of course, not all members of a coworking space has had the same level of training. Yet, what they do have is the common desire to collaborate with other passionate people.

Working in a coworking space is more beneficial than working from home. This is due to the vibe and positive energy a coworking space sparks among workers. If you prefer to work in a quiet space, a shared office can provide this with dedicated areas available for this type of coworker.

Coworking spaces on the rise:

In recent years, there has been a rise in the number of women joining coworking spaces. In fact, women make up about 40% of coworking spaces, and the number continues to rise.

In Melbourne, One Roof is the only female-centric coworking space. They have recently received funding to expand across Australia- this company is going places and getting there quickly due to the demand.

Coworking spaces on the rise
Work and Play:

Out of all the people working in flexible office spaces, freelancers make up a large part. This can be put down to the reason freelancers usually work from home, which is why coworking spaces offer a new alternative. Most freelancers feel they can be more productive in a creative office space. This is due to the many distractions workers face at home.

Coworking spaces can be beneficial to people of all ages and professions. They allow for work, collaboration and growth. Take a look at what CoWork Me members have to say about working from a serviced office. 

So, find the space that’s right for you.

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