Lunch & Learn with Lee Nicholson

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Before fronting the Rolling Stones, Mick Jagger was at first a Porter at the Bexley Psychiatric Hospital and then a Journalist with the London Times.  What sparked the change?  Passion, dedication and a strong spirit of adventure. 

In Silicon Valley, the average tenure working within huge tech companies (Google, Uber, Facebook, etc) is 1.8 years.  Closer to home, 5 to 7 career changes is the new average for Australian workers who are willing to update their qualifications and switch careers.

In this lunch and learn, meet Lee Nicholson, former Biomechanist with The Australian Swim Team, and now Business Development Manager of MAXFRAME, a unique and fascinating medical device changing the way we heal broken bones.

In this lunch and learn we will talk about: 

  • Famous career changes.  Why they happened and what the results were
  • The Australian Swim Team’s world of biomechanistry
  • Medical Technology and the impact it is having on lives today