Is The Demand for a Flexible Workspace Leading to a Revolution?

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Is The Demand for a Flexible Workspace Leading to a Revolution?


The concept of ‘co-working’ was started in the US in 2005 by Brad Neuberg, with workers coming together to work in a shared physical space. Three years later, 160 new coworking spaces had opened in the world with the majority located in the US. A few years later, Europe and North America adopted the movement, with Australia just now in it’s growth phase, with new Co-working spaces popping up frequently across the big cities. Co-working spaces are projected to boom over the next 10 years and it’s no longer exclusive to small businesses and individuals; larger corporations are also becoming interested in the unique solution that it offers.


The Value of Co-working

It’s easy to see the value of co-working once you have experienced working in a shared space yourself. I knew there was something special about co-working the first time I explored a shared space, beautifully designed for the modern entrepreneur. It had a well-thought out interior, where members could meet and interact in shared kitchen spaces and common areas. I felt like I was at home when a breakfast buffet was served on a Monday morning, and I was amazed by the unlimited Kombucha on tap!

This sort of hospitality lights up the whole co-working experience, with free coffee, tea, filtered water, fruit and other snacks available everyday. Not forgetting the weekly events, which cover everything from wellness, entertainment, and business. It’s perks like these that make time at work seem a little more fun and exciting. At CoWork Me, we host weekly yoga and pilates, Friday drinks, and a variety of internal and  external networking events to get your startup off the ground and to help you meet new people.


Benefiting both Businesses and Individuals


From reduced operating costs for businesses to increased productivity among employees and less travel time to work, flexible workspaces benefit people on both a business and personal level. Co-working spaces can also offer a boost to your network and can connect you with some of the most valuable people for your business, from suppliers, clients, business partners and friends. From what I have seen and experienced, you are guaranteed to meet quality people in a space like this.

So, Why is Co-working a Revolution?

Well, there’s this thing called technology. It’s become ingrained into the way we work, creating opportunities, and disrupting traditional business models. As such, businesses don’t know what is going to happen with their workforce in the next 5-10 years, and so are rethinking their workspace strategy, in order to become more agile in terms of length of lease of office space.

Mick Millar, the Community Lead at CoWork Me, said, “I think the broader the urban sprawl spreads from the inner city the less inclined people are to travel in there to work. The CoWorking growth has the opportunity to provide a happy alternative for those wanting a collaborative and professional environment without the travel time.”

Mick Millar

(Mick Millar – Community Lead at CoWork Me)

Why You Will Enjoy Co-working

This is the start of something big, and it’s really exciting to be a part of a growing movement, and to get to see how workspaces like CoWork Me evolve over time. I believe that co-working spaces are a great way to bring people together on both a personal and business level. We’re living in the digital age where we’ve never been so connected. We’ve also never felt so lonely as we rely on building relationships using a screen. Our way to communicate heavily involves online interaction as it helps us go on about our day. However, if you’re like me and enjoy face-to-face authentic interactions, then you will love being a part of this amazing revolution.



Rhea Rebello

Rhea Rebello