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It’s no secret that it’s become harder to raise capital to grow your business. Your product or service has to be unique and you have be able to sell your story. These are only two factors that matter in the growth of your business and there are many more you need to consider when approaching investors.

A challenge that most business owners face is the lack of cash flow and how to steer through the uncertainty.

How do you scale your business and raise capital to get to the next step? What should you be looking for when trying to find a great co-founder for your business?

These are questions that are common among business owners, start-ups and entrepreneurs. Sometimes it helps to talk to an expert to get more clarity around your business.

We love to see our CoWork Me members go from one stage to the other and do what we can to support their business journey. We have invited Mike Boorn Pleener as our Entrepreneur in Residence. On two occasions our members can come and ask him questions around their business.

What is Catapult?

Catapult is driven by selection of best of breed businesses growing these through a rigorous, structured approach, individually tailored to successful entrepreneurs.

They help business owners build revenue, create systems, establish a board and raise capital. Catapult clients can always draw on our unprecedented network of curated experts, investors, board members and top corporate contacts.

Catapult serves early-stage founders looking to secure high growth, as well as experienced operators looking to start a new growth spurt. They also run programs for those currently in a job with a ‘business in the belly’ with a penchant for success.

Who is Mike Boorn Pleener?

Mike is a catalyst for change in people and organisations, finding value nobody else sees. He’s built several successful software-related businesses, worked on large consumer databases and spent time in corporate.

Today Mike helps entrepreneurs grow their businesses rapidly and raise capital through a highly curated approach to accelerated business growth.

Mike gained a MSc at the Technical University of Denmark and a BCom at Copenhagen Business School. He’s passionate about business, food, travel and family.

He regularly speaks, judges and moderates panels on stage. His first speaking engagement was at 27 in front of 300+ people in Helsinki.

Mike will be in our space on Thursday May 30th 2:00pm – 4:30pm and Thursday June 13th, available for our members to come and ask about business related questions.

Rhea Rebello

Rhea Rebello