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I’m super excited to be welcoming Scott McLaughlin and Carl Joseph from The Art of More, as the official Experts In Residence at CoWork Me. I’m excited not only because of the experience and skill-set they bring to our community, as a resource accessible to all CoWork Me members, but also because they’re both top people that genuinely enjoy helping businesses grow.

A bit about Scott
  • Started his career in Media
  • 19 years in behavioral science and human decision making
  • 16 years working with more than 11 startups
  • 13 years in leading change in the consumer goods industry for clients like Coca Cola, Mars and Fonterra
  • Senior strategic roles for companies including, AGL, Campbell Arnotts, iSelect, Kellogs, Roy Morgan

I first met Scott about 10 years ago, on the baseball diamond where we played for the same local Melbourne Baseball club. At the time, the club was not in a great place. A negative culture had lingered so long that it was now just accepted and considered the norm.

But from early on, it was made clear to me that Scott was incapable of being an observer to what was happening to the club. With a genuine drive to help, he took it upon himself to make a positive change. He spoke with everyone he could, gathered the information he needed, and got to work.

In a short time, Scott was voted in as club president as well as playing coach and began addressing the issues that had plagued the club for so long. It wasn’t long before there as a noticeable change. There was a positive interaction between all club members, Social events were once again “social” and… the club was winning games. As player-coach, Scott broke a 10-year drought and let our team to 3 consecutive premierships.

Over the time I have known Scott, I’ve seen him bounce back from some serious challenges and he will tell you himself some pretty dark places. serious dark places. This resilience & tenacity are what I admire most about Scott and what I believe are the most important traits to a successful career and a happy life.

A bit about Carl
  • Started his career as a muso, then turned to technology ‘cos he wanted to earn money to afford food and now prefers to work in places where technology and people mix – he’s a geek with social skills
  • A technology strategist, analyst, & researcher, who looks at the way people make decisions in a highly uncertain environment
  • 20 years in corporate, from legal firms, consulting to government, business schools, and start-up
  • Recently completed his Master of Science in Astronomy just for the fun of it, and now doing more postgraduate studies in Philosophy of Science, just for the fun of it

Carls plays the part of “good cop” and in the short time I have known him has enlightened and guided us direct us into ways of making CoWork Me a better place for all our members.

Thanks to Scott and Carl for taking on this responsibility as Experts In Residence at CoWork Me. They’re here to help make connections, solve problems, provide advice and inspiration. They’ll be seated on the ground floor near the outside north terrace, directly below the disco ball. Make sure you take the time to introduce yourself, your business will thank you for it.

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Help welcome The Art of More over cocktails

Come and meet our New Expert in Residence, The Art of More, all the while sipping on a cocktail or two.

Event details: Thursday 12 March from 5.30 pm in the outdoor courtyard

The Art of More, led by Scott McLaughlin, have been involved with our coworking community since the end of 2019.

During this time we have seen the impact Scott and Carl have made, not only on CoWorkMe itself but on other members’ businesses. We are inviting you, our CoWork Me members to an introductory evening to The Art of More and their plans to engage with our community as our new Entrepreneurs in Residence.

With a cocktail in hand, we will interview Scott McLaughlin and a current client of The Art of More, Dr Andrew Monk. So come along and join the discussion.

Rob Materia

Rob Materia