Unlocking Productivity: How Hot Desks Can Supercharge Your Workday

by | Sep 14, 2023 | Hot Desk, News

For the modern worker, having flexibility in the workplace has become increasingly important. With that, comes the rise in the number of people working remotely, from home, in hybrid offices, and in coworking environments. 

If you’re one of these workers, you might only need a desk when you’re occasionally required in the office. Hot desking is just one of the solutions that businesses like CoWork Me can offer, giving you a place in the office on an ad hoc basis for when you might not need nor want a permanent assigned space to work.

Increasing flexibility can come with increasing productivity. Without the restrictions of an assigned desk, a hot desk setup allows you to pick where you work, according to your needs for that day. At CoWork Me, we have hot desks spread throughout the building, with the choice of a more open and collaborative environment with quick access to common areas, or a quiet corner to settle into and get focused on solitary work. It also means that you can simply get up and move your hot desk setup elsewhere if distractions come up around your workspace, whether it’s noisy neighbours, a communal event, or even just direct sunlight in your face during the summer.

A portable hot desk setup reduces clutter, as you’re only keeping the essentials on you, meaning you don’t have to worry about sifting through drawers to find the tools you need. This allows you to streamline your workflow and save time that you would otherwise be spending looking around the office for that one document or piece of equipment you need. You have everything ready to go to set up your hot desk anywhere in the coworking space.

    If you work from home but also need a professional space to conduct business, a hot desk could be a great solution. A CoWork Me hot desk membership grants you access to facilities such as high speed internet, meeting room hire, communal areas, a professional address to send your business mail, as well as access to networking events and workshops. Extra support with these member benefits can take some of the weight off your shoulders, allowing you to focus on what matters and maximise your productivity.

    Introducing hot desking to your work routine can help if you work predominantly from home by reintroducing the social benefits of working in an office environment. Hiring a hot desk here at CoWork Me brings with it a diverse community and networking opportunities, with multiple businesses all working in one area. Hot desking in a co-working space opens the door for collaborative work, whether between colleagues or with other businesses in the area. CoWork Me hosts also regular events and workshops that hot desk members can attend and meet new people and form new connections.

    CoWork Me provides both 2-Day and 4-Day options, starting at $135 + GST a month. We also offer a more permanent set up with our dedicated desk option starting at $495 + GST a month.

    Our team is dedicated to helping you find your ideal workspace. Contact us to organise your hot desk membership today!


    Author: Ailis O'Gara
    Author: Ailis O'Gara