Meet the CoWork Me Collaborator

by | Jun 3, 2020 | News

Hey, CoWork Me!

I’m Rob.

I’m a 7+ year marketing professional and serial business starter.

I’m on a self-imposed break from all income-based activities and dedicating my time to helping businesses through this challenging time.

My experience includes being the lead marketer for a $1b business, creating million-dollar product ranges. Being the product owner of a Salesforce implementation across 600 stores and 2000+ staff. Running events in the most remote parts of Australia with hundreds of attendees and managing footy tipping programs with 15k users.

It’s not all fun though, I’ve experienced the horrible effects of burnout (hence why I’m not in corporate anymore). I’ve won start-up venture money only to have team dynamics erode and the business disappear. I’m also on my 6th attempt at giving up coffee.

Hit me up if you need assistance with any projects, want to bounce an idea, practice a pitch, or have something proofed. I’m here to get my hands dirty for the Co-Work Me community, though doing your laundry is off the table.

You can also chat with me about:

Running, cycling and swimming
Surfing, Stand Up Paddling
General outdoor leisure
Books and Podcasts (Tim Ferris, Rich Roll etc)
How great coffee is/was

Look for the really tall guy or email me here

Author: Rhea Rebello
Author: Rhea Rebello