CoWork Me Makes the Return to the Office Exciting

by | Aug 16, 2023 | News

Working from home is fast becoming a staple of office and corporate life. The Guardian reports that in Melbourne alone, approximately 35% of office workers spend some part of their work week at home.


So, why is this? The comfort of our own homes can feel irresistible at times. Mornings are freed from a busy commute and your day can be customised with increased flexibility.


Nonetheless, working from home has its downsides. Without a formal work setting, a lack of structure can make it a struggle to maintain your routine. Furthermore, the boundary between work and life can be difficult to keep separate, distractions at home have a tendency to divert attention!


We get that feeling. Typical corporate workspaces feel so dull and lifeless, and who wants to spend all day in a place like that? Luckily, here at CoWork Me, we have the solution. Consider a coworking space!

What is coworking?

Coworking has caught the world by storm, thanks to its modern take on office design and complete flexibility for its wielders. Gitnux writes that there’s been a 158% increase in coworking spaces since 2020, growing at a rate of 13% per year.


If you’re thinking of leaving home for a change of scenery, diversifying your routine can make a world of difference. Spending just one day a week in a new environment can spark creativity and increase your drive at work. CoWork Me is here to cater to individuals seeking to make a difference in their work habits.

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Our hot-desk memberships allow for the freedom of choice in making your commitment to step out of home. Between Monday and Friday – during work hours – you can claim a desk for the day and experience the on-site benefits of coworking.


Save money by only paying for the time you use! Hot desks are a cost-effective alternative to a traditional office space, eliminating the need for long-term leases and upfront investments.

Don’t want to share or need more access than just regular work hours? We feel that, and that’s why we also offer the opportunity to make a desk your own. CoWork Me’s Dedicated Desk membership allows you to enjoy the luxury of a fixed workspace that’s exclusively yours.


Set up your equipment and belongings just the way you want to.Personalising your surroundings has a proven effect to create a motivating and comfortable environment, boosting your productivity.


Privacy also matters when you’re at work – a dedicated desk offers a degree of separation while still allowing you to engage with the community as desired.

Think you need even more? The sky is the limit for what’s available at CoWork Me. Our serviced offices provide members with the ultimate workspace experience. We allow you to customise the office of your dreams!


Impress clients and partners with a well-appointed office space, projecting a polished image that reflects your commitment to quality. Our serviced offices also provide the flexibility to scale up or down based on your changing requirements, adapting as your business grows.


Enjoy a private and secure environment within our coworking space. Serviced offices offer an elevated level of confidentiality while still allowing access to our vibrant coworking community.

So…Why CoWork Me? It’s simple!

As the corporate world continues to change, coworking emerges as a beating heart of the modern work landscape. CoWork Me isn’t just a shared space, it’s a hub where innovation, collaboration, and creativity can flourish.


The benefits of membership here at CoWorkMe are endless. From our flexible arrangements to the vibrant community we’ve built, embrace the synergy of diverse minds and the freedom to shape your work environment as you envision.


Join the coworking revolution today at CoWork Me, and embark on a journey toward a more exciting, fulfilling, and impactful way to work.

Thomas Hughes

Thomas Hughes