Hot Desking vs. Traditional Office: Which is Right for Your Business?

by | Sep 27, 2023 | News

Businesses and workers today are increasingly choosing to go hybrid or even fully remote- meaning there’s been a huge shakeup in the office space, with the traditional permanent cubicle no longer being necessary all the time. If your business requires employees in the office, but not all the time, hot desking may be the solution!

Hot desks are workstations that can be used by anyone at any point during the day on a first come, first serve basis. They are an adaptable and cost effective alternative to the traditional model.

One of the first things to consider when choosing a workspace is cost. Renting out a permanent office space can be a huge commitment and can get expensive quickly. In some cases, it’s not even necessary, and you could be losing money on unused space! 

Hot desks can be great for businesses where a number of employees work remotely or are only occasionally required in the office. With hot desks, you’ll only be paying for the desks you’ll actually use, during the times you’ll be using them. 

In that way, you can reduce the number of unused desks by only assigning permanent desks to in-office workers and having hot desks available for any hybrid or temporary workers. For up-starts or businesses where teams fluctuate from project to project, hot desks can be a cost effective solution as there’s no need to commit to a permanent office rental, and the setup can be adapted on the go as required. This is opposed to the traditional permanent desk setup, where workers are mainly confined to one space.

Hot Desking vs. Traditional Office

 With an adaptable setup, comes more flexibility options for employees to work. In a hot desk environment, employees set up their workspace on a first come first serve basis, anywhere in the office. Hot desk arrangements allow employees room to move as they need to, according to what they need to get done that day. 

    With assigned seating, employees may only ever interact with coworkers in their own immediate space. Hot desks can be a great way to encourage collaboration between different departments. As seating changes every time, employees will get the opportunity to work alongside people from different departments that would not be possible in a traditional office. This can allow employees to form connections they wouldn’t have otherwise, fostering a collaborative and adaptable environment for work.

    Hot desks are the adaptable and cost effective option, but they aren’t right for every business. Here at CoWork Me, as well as hot desks, we offer dedicated desks and private offices for those who need a fixed desk in our coworking space. Contact us today and let us help your business flourish!

    Ailis O'Gara

    Ailis O'Gara