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by | Mar 7, 2023 | News

Meet Evelyn Clark, Award Winning Mortgage Broker, founder of EVERLEND and long time CoWork Me Member.

In our latest Faces of CoWork Me feature, Evelyn tell us more about her professional journey to the top and provides some valuable industry insights. 

What is Everlend all about, what are your key services?
At Everlend, we are mortgage brokers with a very distinct focus on education, and arming our clients with the right knowledge to make informed financial decisions.
How did your journey begin as a mortgage broker?
I fell into the industry through my part time role in a golf shop whilst completing my studies. I always had an interest in finance, however, I didn’t expect to love it as much as I did. I quickly realized there was a noticeable gap amongst clients, not being educated thoroughly through their home buying journey. This became something we were determined to change, and hence Everlend was born.
What sets Everlend apart from the competition?
Education, definitely, and being strategic in loan structuring. We focus on the client’s long term goals, not just what they are aiming to achieve with their first purchase, which means we need to focus on setting up a loan to support their ongoing needs. It may sound basic, however, there are so many variables that go into a loan product.
What has been the biggest challenge as a business owner? 
Getting out of the day-to-day tasks within the business, and working on the strategic and creative elements of growing the businesses. It is easy to get caught up in doing what you love, however, the business never improves if you don’t make time for it.
What is the biggest misconception about your line of work?
That you need a 20% deposit to buy a home!
There are so many ways to get into the property market now, starting with as little as a 5% deposit, or purchasing an investment property at a lower price point to build some wealth before you buy an owner occupied property.
What’s your advice for women in business?
I’ve always felt very supported as a woman in business, so my advice would be to surround yourself with other women business owners, or people who can contribute to and advocate for your success.
What makes a successful broker?
Someone who is creative in their thinking, a resourceful problem solver, friendly and approachable to clients, yet will hold their ground when it comes to bank assessors, who we often have to go into bat against for our clients, if they don’t see eye to eye in terms of assessment calculations. Overall, brokers who care about their customer’s outcomes are able to tailor the loan products to suit their specific needs. It is never a one size fits all approach.
What’s something exciting happening with Everlend right now?
We just held our fourth annual International Women’s Day Luncheon on Friday with 120 people in attendance. Over the past three years, we have raised over $43k for charity.

Evelyn Clark with guest speaker Nyadol Nyuon at International Women’s Day Luncheon 2023.

How long have you been at CoWork Me, how has it helped your professional career? 

I have been at CoWork Me since November 2020. I have met some life long friends and colleagues working here. For small business owners, it is a no-brainer! I love that the space is filled with entrepreneurs and creative business owners, who are all keen to share their learnings and successes.

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Rhea Rebello

Rhea Rebello