Craig Silbery: on the launch of his new start up – ilume

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In this #FacesOfCoWorkMe feature, Craig shares why he’s creating a whole new world for dogs with his startup ilume. 

What is your business background?

I’ve worked in the health science space for a number of years, with a particular interest in human gut health. Changing lives has always been the driving force of my business ventures. Namely, changing my family’s lives. Before starting ilume, I founded and ran a company called LifeSpace, which really took off during a time when my wife was pregnant.

I wanted to create a product that felt safe and effective enough for my wife and unborn child to take, so we created probiotics that were unlike anything else on the market. From there, I was lucky enough to produce pharma products that changed the lives of millions and are still market-leading today.

In 2018 I made the decision to sell the company, and from there I started thinking about my new venture. I wanted to achieve the same level of success in dog health as I had in human health.


What’s the inspiration behind ilume? 


My dogs! I wanted to strengthen the bond I have with my dogs and give back. Throughout my life I’ve experienced a deep love for the dogs I’ve had, and I really want the best for them.

Post the sale of my business, I was able to give more time to investigating the food I was feeding my dogs. When I went into a pet store, there just wasn’t anything that was speaking to me, or that seemed fresh and healthy enough for my dogs.

I started cooking their meals from scratch, but it was time consuming. So I started investigating other ways to feed my dogs, and came up with the idea for ilume.


What is ilume? 

ilume is fresh, healthy dog food delivery.

Our mission is to provide a healthy, anti-inflammatory diet for dogs to improve their lifestyle and boost longevity. Our meals feature high-quality cuts of meat and fresh seasonal vegetables, that are coupled with tech that measures your dog’s daily activity.

It’s a whole new way to see your dog.

What are your thoughts on CoWork Me?


We love the CoWork me space as it provides a central workspace for ilumers who don’t want to work from our Keysborough kitchen every day. It’s a bit closer to the city for us, and offers a great place to host meetings and coffee catch ups.

The other businesses in the space are really interesting and inspiring too. There are always great conversations going on by the coffee machine, so it’s a great place to be!


What’s your favourite part about the space? 

 It’s dog friendly!


Where can we try ilume? 

You can sign up to an ilume subscription on our website. We also offer trial boxes, so your dog can taste the magic of ilume without any commitment.

We’d love to invite the CoWorkMe community to try ilume.

Simply use the code “ILUMECOWORK30” at to get 30% off your first 2 boxes.

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