CoWorking for Gen Z to the Giant players and why it works

by | Nov 22, 2022 | News

The shift to hybrid work is becoming more of a permanent option for professionals across various industries.

And while some employees and businesses prefer the work-from-home arrangement, others look to #coworking models as a means to support their professional, personal and social growth.

This article explores three key demographics that benefit from and take advantage of hybrid workspaces and why it works.

Gen Z professionals work better in CoWorking Spaces

Young professionals who began working during the pandemic have little – to – no experience functioning in an office environment which can be a disservice to their individual growth. Last year’s  Accenture survey found three in four Gen Zers (74%) want more opportunities to collaborate with colleagues face-to-face, a higher percentage than Gen Xers and Baby Boomers.

Gen Z professionals also put a lot of emphasis on having a workspace that is diverse, both racially and ethnically and also includes everyone in discussions and interactions. Co-Working spaces known for their openness, inclusivity and design – which is more appealing to this demographic. 

CoWorking environments can also support a better sense of learning and understanding for those new in their career while providing a space for young professionals to learn about what it means to work in a corporate setting and build a network.


Fruitful freelancing for the Gig economy 

The #gigeconomy has brought about many freelancers who need fully equipped spaces they can access alongside a community of like minded professionals, all without breaking the bank.

#CoWorking spaces fill in these gaps.

Coworking spaces are thus considered the solution that could provide these workers a place where they have access to facilities such as electricity, high-speed internet, boardrooms, and other luxury amenities that would support their craft like podcast, editing and photography studios at a reasonable monthly cost. 

These workers also have the opportunity to collaborate with their competitors, grow their network and even acquire more talent to grow their business.

It’s minimum spend for maximum benefit.

Opportunity for more growth for larger companies

There is a growing trend of big corporations taking advantage of the benefits of coworking spaces. Mome major businesses, such as IBM, Microsoft, and Verizon, are testing the use of coworking spaces for employees so they can be close to and easily interact with innovative startups. For example, a company like Microsoft can target start ups and smaller developers to subscribe to their products. Since Microsoft is such a trusted company, they have a higher chance of getting leads, which ultimately plays out to influence the bottom line.

This is why the idea of a co-working space seems more appealing to workers, as it features 24/7 access to meeting rooms and work desks. Additionally, co-working spaces already have in built facilities and infrastructure. These include the latest telecommunications equipment, smart internal networks, fast wifi and ergonomic furniture. It’s also easy for large companies to book several offices at once, as it saves them the money and hassle of building a stand alone office.

Rhea Rebello

Rhea Rebello