Why the co-working model is a good fit for professionals in the legal industry

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Why CoWorking is a great option for growing Legal Firms

Following the COVID-19 pandemic, there is no going back to normal. But this is not necessarily a bad thing. In fact, the pandemic has boosted trends that were already underway, such as remote work, flexible work and the increased shift to the online world. As a result, various industries like legal and medical sectors will soon rely on virtual offices, flexible workspaces, and cloud-based solutions to support hybrid and remote teams.

The legal sector is one of the most intense & fast paced industries out there. While most lawyers are employed by firms, many of them choose to practice law independently. According to OfficeEvolution, half of the private practice or freelance attorneys are solo practitioners. It is estimated that lawyers work between 50 and 60 hours weekly on average, representing & advising clients, gathering evidence, taking confidential calls & negotiating settlements.

With that said, lawyers require workspaces that can accommodate their busy schedules and daily tasks. Co-working spaces seem like the ideal option for workers in the law industry as they are always leveraging this type of shared office space as a collaborative tool to grow their practice and thrive in their careers.

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Here are a few reasons why the co-working model is a good fit for professionals in the legal industry:

  • Privacy:

All Lawyers need privacy as their work involves taking confidential calls and meetings. As an attorney, you need more than an office space – you need privacy, especially when meeting new clients. Many think that by renting an office in a co-working space, privacy goes out the window, but this is not the case. Most well-known co-working spaces like CoWork Me, Hub Australia & The Commons provide private, fully equipped meeting rooms that one can rent as part of their coworking membership. These rooms are perfect for freelance lawyers as they have all the amenities and equipment required to carry out seamless tasks.

CoWork Me offers private, secure + fully furnished, move in ready offices from as little as $400pp, p/month for offices of 2 or more, with the option to expand. But over and above this, we also have our hot desking and virtual office options to suit individual requirements.

At CoWork Me, we also provide fully serviced, sound proof meeting spaces so that you can successfully carry out private meetings and brainstorming sessions with clients & colleagues.

Our meeting rooms are fully equipped with video conferencing and whiteboards to help you collaborate.

Amenities include:
    • Connection to our fast professional grade internet.
    • Built in A/V including screens and audio equipment.
    • Whiteboard for your brainstorming sessions.
    • Wheelchair accessible space and bathrooms.
    • Tram stop located right outside our door.
    • Catering available at an additional fee.

In addition, CoWork Me houses private, soundproof phone booths that members can access free of charge. These booths come handy when you need to jump into a quick call or zoom meeting.

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  • Fully stocked & ready to go!

As a lawyer, you’re always on the go, preparing and drafting legal documents e.g. legal briefs, wills and deeds. This often requires vast amounts of paperwork, printing and photocopying. In instances like this, one requires an organised & fully equipped workspace so that they can be the best at their job. CoWorking spaces make sure that you have all the stationery & facilities needed to carry out your printing, scanning and photocopying tasks.

At CoWork Me we provide functional high speed printers on site that are available to members as part of their member credits.

  • Network to broaden client base

As a lawyer, networking plays a major role in acquiring new clients and showcasing your brand. Especially if you’re starting out in the industry, networking is extremely important for your success. A coworking environment in this case is perfect as you could easily find like minded people who would be happy to collaborate with you on projects or would give you business.

The great thing about working in a co-working hub is that these spaces promote camaraderie because people want to see others succeed. At CoWork Me, we have a thriving, friendly and supportive community that actively collaborate and learn from one another as there is such a diverse mix of business. To help engage our members, the CoWork Me team goes out of their way to promote the work and vision of businesses whilst connecting members with each other through networking events.

  • Location

As a lawyer, most of your days are spent in a cramped up cubicle or at a desk, which can get monotonous. But at a coworking space, the offices are placed & built strategically so that you have a pleasant work view and have access to break out zones and outdoor spaces to enjoy the sunshine on your break.

CoWorking hubs like CoWork Me are also very centrally located, with public transport right opposite the building and conveniences, cafes and bars nearby, just in case you need to treat your team…or yourself!

We also have an onsite cafe, to satisfy food and coffee cravings during the day.

Rhea Rebello

Rhea Rebello