Faces of CoWork Me l Cheysa Brito: on the essence of holistic beauty

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Cheysa Beauty at CoWork Me is the best rated beauty salon in St Kilda and there’s a reason why.

Founder and CEO, Cheysa is passionate about her craft, clients and making beauty therapy a holistic experience. In this Faces of CoWork Me article, she talks more about what this means and how she found her ground after 7 years of being in the game.


1) What is Cheysa Beauty all about? What do you hope to achieve with your business?

Cheysa Beauty is essentially a beauty salon that covers everything from facials to lashes and massages. But, my business is also a space where people can feel empowered. I believe when you feel comfortable in your own skin, you project the best version of yourself to the world. My aim is to help people be the best version they can possibly be whether it’s through my workshops, our beauty services or the words of affirmation you can find on our instagram.

2) When did this journey start?

I had a full time job and started Cheysa Beauty from my living room in 2019 as a side hustle. I had a few strong clients and mostly provided lash lifts at the time. But I wanted more and lockdown challenged me to rethink my path. I had all the knowledge and skills anyway, the only thing I needed to do was start my own venture.I officially launched my business in March 2021 in the thick of lockdown!

3) Why did you get into beauty?

Back in Venezuela, I was studying law but I didn’t enjoy it. I wished to learn something that could be used anywhere in the world – and everyone has beauty needs. So, I hopped on a flight to Australia to pursue my diploma in beauty and here we are.

4) What has been the most exciting moment in your career?

I love to celebrate every milestone, but my latest highlight was when I won the best pitch award at a BNI meeting. This was a big win as public speaking makes me super anxious and emotional but I took it as a challenge and now I’m not so afraid anymore! I make sure I share this story especially with my clients to remind them that anything is possible and our potential is limitless.

5) What excites you the most about coming into CoWork Me?

Helping and looking after my clients for sure and getting to know them better – it’s so important to build that rapport. I also love the connections and networks I’ve created within the space – everyone is so supportive and friendly. The team at CoWork Me always goes above and beyond as well – it really makes a difference.

6) What has been the biggest challenge as a small business?

As a start up business, you always want to give 100%. But I’ve also learned that you can’t give all of your energy. It’s important to find that balance and harmony between life, work, success and self care.

7) What has been the biggest change in the beauty services industry?

People will buy whatever is shown to them on social media without actually doing research on its safety and effects. People don’t appreciate themselves enough, I wish they did. That’s what Cheysa Beauty stand’s for, to embrace your natural beauty.

8) What’s your advice for women in business?

Believe in yourself. Be kind to yourself. Make mistakes. And If there’s something you don’t like doing – you should  focus on that even more, because from challenging experience, comes growth!

To learn more about Cheysa Beauty visit: https://www.cheysabeauty.com/