Alex Carvajal: on his business and entrepreneurial journey mid pandemic

by | May 25, 2021 | News

Entrepreneur and cycling enthusiast, Alex Carvajal talks to us about his experience of starting two companies during a pandemic and why it was the best decision he’d ever made.


What’s your background and when did you come to Australia?

I hail from the beautiful city of Caracas in Venezuela where I completed my bachelors degree. I then left shortly after to experience the big bad world and ended up in Aussie land in 2015. I’ve been in Australia ever since. This country is amazing – I love the people, and the food. But what I love the most is the beach and that I get to cycle alongside it.

It’s funny…people look at me and think I’m in the entertainment industry cause I seem so laid back and happy all the time. But little do they know, I’m actually a finance and tech guy and I’m always secretly stressed!

Just kidding.

Tell us more about your business background?

Yes, after university I got into stock trading and also worked as an auditor on the side. Trading is such an intense game. You’re constantly stressed and anxious as so much is on the line.
As much as I enjoyed it, I knew it wasn’t adding value to my life.

What were you doing before the pandemic?

Before the pandemic, I owned a small cafe near Mount Waverley station and was running a wine tour for AIRBNB experiences. It was so much fun and I was learning a lot. But everything came to a grinding halt once co-vid hit. I was left with nothing to do and this was scary because until now, I’d always been on the go.

So, I went back to the drawing board to figure out my next move.

What encouraged you start your businesses mid pandemic? How is it going so far?

I started stock trading and studying during the pandemic and that was not fulfilling. I still had a desire to help people through my skills and passion. So, with the help of a business coach, countless hours of research and budgeting, I finally started my first company – BC&Tech! My company helps small businesses integrate AI into their business operations.


I believe you need to be fully open to opportunity. If an opportunity is presenting itself to me – I try to grab it with both hands.

So, this thought was the inspiration to start my second business, One Minute Coffee. Since I have already had cafe management experience, the process was easier.

Like with any business, it’s been extremely challenging, especially during unpredictable times. But it’s also been so rewarding and fun. It’s going great so far, so I’m happy I took the risk.

What are your top tips to young entrepreneurs who are just starting out?

Firstly, I’d say managing your emotions. You must strive to push forward despite constant rejection. Secondly, managing your health. Your body is the engine of your success, if you don’t maintain it – you’re bound to suffer in the long run. Thirdly, learn to love the process; be positive always, even if things are going wrong.

And most importantly, surround yourself with people that uplift and motivate you to be the best you can be.

How has CoWork Me enhanced your work life?

Let’s just say, I love coming into work. CoWork Me has such a positive and welcoming atmosphere. The best part is, you have access to so many different services and businesses – it’s very convenient.

Any last words?

Yes, come visit us at the cafe!

One Minute Coffee

One Minute Coffee, Cafe at CoWork Me

To learn more about Alex and his work visit:

1 minute coffee

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