Mia Bowyer on: driving change, making waves and catching flights

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Meet Mia Bowyer; a vibrant travel enthusiast and entrepreneur who has seamlessly woven her passion for adventure and the planet into a powerful force for environmental good.

From India to Indonesia and beyond, Mia shares with us stories from her travels whilst navigating the world of business.

What does being an entrepreneur mean to you?


Entrepreneurship means freedom to be myself. I felt my potential and creativity was capped while in a 9-5 job. I didn’t have the capacity to explore ideas or push to new levels. I would be stuck following a certain set of rules, guidelines and structures I didn’t always agree with.

But becoming an entrepreneur has helped me go far beyond the confines of a role. I have a playground to explore my passions, ideas and create something new for the world. I can now hire out for skills that I do not have, rather than thinking I need to fit a mould. I feel I am more myself than any other role because I have built a business around what is important and of value to me.

How long have you been running one earth marketing? What has been the best experience during this journey? 

One Earth Marketing started when I was living in India almost six years ago but it wasn’t until Co-vid 2021 that I really started to scale it up (boredom does wonders sometimes!)

I do love traveling overseas to work on the ground with social or environmental issues. I feel this raw and uncharted type of work makes me feel connected to people and the planet. I have done multiple mission trips including helping reduce ocean plastic in Lombok, working with street dogs in Bali, but the most memorable was helping Plastics For Change in India, this is where my purpose was discovered and I felt I could make an impact on the world at a global scale.

As an entrepreneur, what are your key values? What kind of businesses are you most excited to work with?  

I value connection.

Without my relationships my business is nothing, so creating beautiful and fulfilling connections with people around me is my oxygen. I have a great support system and network. This is why I always have leads coming into my business, because I deeply value humans and human interaction. I never lose sight of this in my business. 

I also value time.

I know deep down that much of my work can be done in 2 hours instead of 9, but I was living a ‘lie’ of trying to find work to fill up my days. This is because we are often conditioned to look and feel busy, but there is no way every human on the planet actually needs to work 8 hours. For marketing for instance, there are multiple tools and systems to optimize a faster and more effective marketing plan. It is important to audit time and cut out the tasks that are ‘busy tasks’ and replace them with revenue driving tasks or human interaction tasks.

What is digital literacy? Why is it important in the age of social media? 

I think without staying on top of tools and processes, you are doing yourself a disservice. If there is a tool that can automate a task that you do every day, and you are not using it, you are wasting some valuable hours of your life. If you are across the changes and updates, you can do more of what you love, and have a more enjoyable time. 

Your love for travel is inspiring! Would you consider yourself a digital nomad? How do you balance travel while running a business? 

Yes. The reason why I started my business was to be a digital nomad. But not in the sense of constantly traveling. I want the freedom to see my family whenever I want. I want to be able to explore new passions. I want to have the freedom to study too. I wanted a business that slotted into all my passions and interests. So One Earth was an amazing attribute to my life in that way. I have set my business up to provide space and time for all of my many dreams and ideas. 

The way I balance travel and my business is by being honest with how I spend my time and being ruthless about what I cut out. Now I run a 2 hour a month model with clients where I set their social media up in 2 hours, this means both me and my clients work less, I have a system in place to manage the socials and I have far more time to travel and explore. Win win!

How important are boundaries when you are building a business? 

I can often ‘take work home with me’ but not actually doing work, but overthinking and worrying about work. I have started to practice the mindset of remembering that I don’t get paid to overthink. Overthinking causes me most of my distress and crosses my boundaries the most. So mastering this is important. 

I also find if I schedule my time well and don’t work into the nights, then i can handle most things and have a healthy work life balance.

What are the most challenging parts about running a business? 

Feeling like a failure. Feeling overworked. Feeling like you are alone and you have no one to lean on. Always being in charge of your own paycheck. Not being able to get sick because the business might crumble. Riding economic anxieties far more than other people. Feeling misunderstood by most people because you’re building a dream and going out on a limb.

What is your advice to young entrepreneurs who have fear and doubt?

It’s not helpful. There is nothing good about fear and doubt. It is so unbelievably pointless and you are running your life if you let it win. I would say ask yourself if you want a good life or a bad life, and if you want a bad life, then keep fear and doubt as your guiding forces, but if you want a good life realise that this is just a state of mind that is completely changeable.

Change your narrative, it is not as hard as you think. You just need to rehearse another story in your head. ‘I can’t do this’ to ‘I can do this’ – then let your actions reflect this. 

What’s next for you? 

My priority is having the best life and working on my 2 hour power model in my business. I am also starting an entrepreneur health club. I have started keynote speaking. I am finishing a book. I am going to India to work on a plastic waste project. I am focusing on doing things that bring me joy, freedom and connection.

How has CoWork Me supported your business journey? 

CoWork Me has brought me my two best friends, who are the reason I feel home and grounded in Melbourne. They make me feel calm when my internal world is buzzing around. It is so important to surround yourself with good people that you can be honest with and share the highs and lows with. Without this I would struggle with sanity and loneliness on my business journey.

Mia in India during her project with Plastics For Change

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