Movi: Work Hard (Feel Good)

Melbourne, Victoria– CoWork Me, a St Kilda coworking space, and Movi, a Melbourne based retail startup have formed a partnership to bring CoWork Me members stand-up desks “without the hassles and costs of replacing your existing desks”.

Since most modern workers spend the majority of their day sitting at their desk, having a solution that is as healthy and ergonomic as possible is of prime importance. More research is being done to prove that spending less time sitting and more time standing can help boost productivity and improve our metabolic health and therefore help us lead a healthier life.

According to their website, Movi is “the only standing desk converter with a full size workspace and electric height adjustment.” In the development phase, they partnered with engineers and medical partners to build the world’s most innovative standing desk.

“The values of the coworking industry promote healthy living and healthy working and encourage products and initiatives that help our members achieve that goal,” said Rob Materia, General Manager of CoWork Me. “This partnership with Movi is one of our many initiatives to encourage our members stay healthy at work as well as show our support for an amazing Australian engineered product. ”

Movi makes your workday healthier, happier and more productive. Sit less, move more, feel good.

CoWork Me is a southside coworking hub and business incubator in St Kilda, opening up spaces for new and seasoned professionals to do their best work.

For more information about Movi, contact Daniel Angelini at or visit Movi’s website.

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