How Can Coworking Spaces Help Grow Your Business?

Coworking spaces offer all the perks of your own office without the cost or the headache that goes with it. They also allow you to focus on growing your business. Plus, you immediately become part of an extended community. A community that’s great for networking and keeping that all important work-life balance.

It’s not only freelancers and remote workers that use coworking spaces. Some of Australia’s largest corporations including Woolworth’s are reaping the benefits of coworking. Since the pandemic, we are seeing more corporate companies make the change from a commercial space to a coworking serviced office. This is due to the fact that a space like CoWork Me, offers flexible solutions.

No matter where you sit on the scale, co-working is bound to have something for you.

So, why does coworking make so much sense?

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Today’s co-working spaces are bright, breezy, and buzzing with energetic people. Each space aims to make life as convenient as possible for its members, as it allows them to put all focus on their work rather than having to worry about paying multiple bills. There is no need to call in the repairman or make sure the conference rooms are clean for a client. Everything has already been taken care of by the team that runs the serviced office.


Today, people love flexible workspace options. For individuals who want to come and go as they please, there are ‘hot-desks’ or ‘dedicated desk’ options. For larger organisations that want serviced offices, there is also the option for a private office. Most coworking spaces, like CoWork Me, are open 24/7 (membership dependent of course). 

Coworking spaces make it easy for you to scale up and down as your company changes over time. So, it’s pretty safe to say that coworking spaces are flexible enough to work around your needs so that you are able to get your work done. 


Serviced offices enable their members to produce their best work. Through providing an optimal working environment 24/7, coworkers are encouraged to flow.

CoWork Me member, Monique Daiga said that she is most productive when she’s working on a task that keeps her engrossed and that could be anytime of the day. Monique also mentions that working from a coworking space allows her to not get distracted by ‘life admin’, something that keeps her away from work when she is at home.

Therefore, the consistent momentum a coworking space provides, allows members to take their business to the next level.


Inviting clients to a sleek and bustling office is more appealing than holding meetings in your local cafe. The professional and stylish meeting rooms is another advantage of a coworking space. This allows entrepreneurs to welcome prospective clients or partners for meetings at a moment’s notice.

common area at cowork me

We saved the best for last. As well as access to a schedule of events, coworkers enjoy every-day conversations. They can engage with people from different industries and backgrounds, get fresh insights and build their network. It’s proven that working in a communal space, as opposed to working from home or renting a nondescript office is good for business.

If you want to experience coworking in real life, book in for a tour today. You have the opportunity to work from CoWork Me for a week to get a feel for the space and the people.

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