We will pay your invoices from fellow CoWork Me members.*

A sure way to make professional connections and generate new business!

We will do everything in our power to help grow your business.

Upon signing up as a member, you will receive a credit for the value of 1 months membership* to spend on the services of a fellow CoWork Me member.

This not only gives you the opportunity to spend on a service to help your business (with no cost to you) – but also makes every other CoWork Me member a potential customer. A win for all!Secure your spot


How the program works.

  1. CoWork Me members who sign up for a twelve months membership will be given a credit to the value of one month’s membership. Members who sign up for a shorter period will have a pro-rata credit eg: six-month membership will receive a  credit for the value of half a months membership.
  2. For the credit amount to be valid, it must be spent with an existing and active CoWork Me member.
  3. Proof of transaction/business collaboration must be provided to CoWork Me before the credited amount can be used.
  4. To help promote collaboration and the business growth of our members, the credited amount cannot be “cashed in” by the member for any other service apart from a service of a fellow CoWork Me member.
  5. We encourage you to talk to us about your business goals so we can help facilitate a collaboration with another CoWork Me members.


For any questions or notice, please contact us. CoWork Me ABN: 88 392 467 317.