We will help pay your invoices from fellow CoWork Me members.

A sure way to make professional connections and generate new business!

We will do everything in our power to help grow your business.

Upon signing up as a member, you will receive a credit to the value of 25% of one months membership fee* to spend on the services of a fellow CoWork Me member.

This not only gives you the opportunity to spend on a service to help your business (with no cost to you) – but also makes every other CoWork Me member a potential customer. A win for all!

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How the program works.

  • CoWork Me members who sign up for a twelve month full time membership will be given a credit to the value of 25% of their agreed monthly membership rate* (Eg. A member paying $1000 p/month will receive $250 worth of credit to use over 12 months)  
  • This credit will be applied to the members CoWork Me account and applied to any upcoming payments 
  • For the credit amount to be valid, it must be spent with an existing and active CoWork Me member.
  • Proof of transaction/business collaboration must be provided to CoWork Me in the form of an invoice before the credited amount will be applied to the members account.
  • To help promote collaboration and the business growth of our members, the credited amount cannot be “cashed in” by the member for any other service apart from a service of a fellow CoWork Me member.
  • We encourage you to talk to us about your business goals so we can help facilitate a collaboration with another CoWork Me members.

*Credit value is capped at $1000.00 per 12 month agreement. Credit value accumulates over the 12 month period at the rate of 1/12 per month.

For any questions or notice, please contact us. CoWork Me ABN: 88 392 467 317.