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Member referral program

Get rewarded for helping grow our community

Any individual, company or employee at CoWork Me can receive large rewards for referring new members to our business community.

Making a referral is easy, just contact us with the details of the referral and we’ll take it from there!


How it works

When you refer people that join the CoWork Me coworking community, they’ll receive one free month membership for every 12-month commitment. As the referrer, you’ll be eligible for up to $4,000* in rewards. (*Reward amounts are based on the number new member’s joined by the referral.)

1 person office

1 to 4 new members

up to $500 reward

5 person office

5 to 10 new members

up to $1,500 reward

11+ new members

up to $3,000 reward

Make a Referral

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